I code for a living

Hello, my name is Andreas Lorer

I write software for a living at @Bosch.IO. Building user experiences with @Angular.

Need your next web project realized? I provide professional services in the area of Ravensburg.


Paediatrician website "Dr. Müller-Frei"


As project in 2019 I developed a small website for a new paediatrician office that is based in Tettnang (Germany). The goal was to provide basic information about its location, address and office hours at one glance. Because no Content Management System (CMS) was needed the site could be implemented with plain HTML and JavaScript. The sleek design and lightweight codebase led to faster loading times and less development effort.

Website One-Pager Kinderärztinnen-Tettnang

Live visualization of Stuttgart's public transit


For my master thesis I had the pleasure to work with the people at Moovel in Stuttgart. There I got the opportunity to work with smart people and state of the art technologies. At a time when cities are increasingly reaching their limits due to intensive individual traffic and the associated pollution, the improvement of public transport infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. My thesis was aimed to explore the data of public transport in Stuttgart in a visual way. By visualizing abstract data urban planners and transport companies can get a deeper knowledge and insights that otherwise would not be discoverable. The live visualisation of public transport data could also be beneficial for commuters and travellers. The result of the thesis was a live map for the Stuttgart area, which provides a simple and practicable way to view the data of all timetables of the transport association. You can find it on Github.

GTFS-basierte Live-Visualisierung des Öffentlichen Nahverkehrs Stuttgart

Automatic visualization of ship cruise routes


During an UX-Course in 2017 we tackled the task of ship route visualization. Example. We also wrote a paper about that topic that you can find on Github.

In the project we wanted to show how ship routes can be calculated on a map. In contrast to road traffic, the ships are not in a fixed transport network, but mostly on open sea. This challenges numerous problems finding maritime routes, that are one the one hand realistic while also visually pleasant. In our approach, the routing is grid-based on HTML5 canvas. Using the A*-Algorithm we calculate the route through a variable number of harbours. It turned out that a fully automated map visualization is possible with our approach but we still see potential for improvements.

Automatic ship cruse calculation and visualization
Have a look at our Demo

Character Design "Tod"


In the 3D-Design course I had lots of fun discovering the art of designing characters. Mushrooms are strangely odd, look funny and I like them. So why not designing a character based on a mushroom I thought. I once wrote a more detailed walkthrough my process that you can find as album on Imgur.

'Tod' 3D Character Design by Andreas Lorer
Check out the 3D-Model "Tod" on Sketchfab

WunderWelten relaunch


In 2016 I had the opportunity to work with the people behind the Wunderwelten-Festival that happens every November in Friedrichshafen. Based an existing corporate Design for print media, I was asked to redesign and develop their new website. Because I had free choice for the Content Management System to work with I chose the awesome Kirby CMS. In my opinion it does a few things damn right. As a developer I highly valued the documentation and supportive community. Also the user experience is exceptional the client loves working with it. I still like how the site turned out. These are the points I am most proud of:

  • Elegant and clear design
  • Fully responsive
  • Performance optimized via automated build process
  • Concept, design and implementation
  • Happy Customer ❣️
WunderWelten website relaunch 2016

RWU - Digital Media Design


During my time at University Ravensburg-Weingarten I worked as a student assistant and created the website for the new Media Design course. For the new students the site was designed to provide information about the courses and projects that are going to happen during the semester.